Thinking that Burdur, which is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Western Central Anatolia and Aegean regions, is a city rich in history and geography, after researching this region on the internet, we decided to go to the Lakes region with my two traveler friends a year ago. I asked my cousin’s wife, Iskender, who is from Burdur, to talk about our idea and help with accommodation and transportation. We determined our route days in advance and made a six-day itinerary at the time of the lavender bloom. web-directory

After a long night journey from Sivas, we arrived at the terminal at the first light of the morning. I go to the bus stop right next to it. After a short wait, the municipal bus stopped in front of me. I told the name of the hostel where I would stay and asked the driver to drop it off nearby. While the bus was moving through the city, the driver realized that I was a tourist, and he showed me the places to visit in the city and stopped near the hostel so that I wouldn’t walk too much with my suitcase. I was the earliest to arrive at the hostel and the young lady working there met me on the way and helped me with my suitcase. creation-logo

He left a bottle of water, thinking that the market was not open at the early hour. The city, which seemed cute to me from the moment I entered the city, received a thumbs up from me with the caring and courteous behavior of the driver and the young lady. After resting for a while and friends coming, we met in the tea garden to meet with Iskender and Ahmet, who will accompany us in his car, to review our program and to clarify our route. A very long and busy schedule awaited us tomorrow. websiteseo

We set off very early in the morning and had our breakfast on the way. First we went to the village where the rose harvest was made. The workers had not yet arrived. canalisationengorgee The roses were not long in the garden, the harvest was about to end. The workers came and started to collect the last roses on the branches, so we helped them and chatted. ‘ They said that collecting fragrant roses is enjoyable despite their thorns, they press the roses they collect into sacks, they get paid per sack, and they even make a considerable profit in a year. blur

After leaving there, we went to the lavender fields on the shore of Burdur Lake. The lavenders looked beautiful in the early morning hours. It was the right decision to come when the flowers were blooming. After we took our photos, Ahmet Bey said that he wanted to take us to his own orchard, which is on the same route, and we gladly accepted. Apricots, cherries and cherries weighed the branches of the trees. Huge and just as delicious. We ate as much as we could and packed some bags to eat at the hostel. seo-consult

Then we went to the Wildlife Conservation Center called ‘Lisinya’… We learn from the university student who is doing an internship here that injured birds are treated and taken under protection in the center, which is quite large. The gentleman who was the founder of the center accompanied us, then he took us to the section where organic products made from lavender and many plants are sold, and after we drank our herbal teas, we did our shopping and left there. justin-timberlake

Our next stop is “Kuyucak Village” with lavender fields. Tour buses in the village were covered along the road, and many local tourists were taking pictures in the fields, shopping for products made from lavender, and eating their meals in the open-air kitchens. The fields have almost become a tourism sector, providing a source of income for the people of the region. This image makes us happy. After we have our lunch here and take our last photo frames in the fields, we continue on our way. defisconseil

When we approach Isparta, we enter the factory where the rose is processed… The workers, whose work is light because it is the end of the harvest, offer us tea and then show us around the factory. While the rose petals are being swept away from the pathos, we can’t stand it any longer and go under the swaying leaves. As the fragrant leaves come into our mouths and eyes, we laugh with laughter. Rose petals cover us like a quilt after a while. blague-courte

The young girls working there shared in our joy and took our photos. We continued on our way with the positive energy that we bought and stored the cosmetic products made from roses that they established in the immediate vicinity. What we saw while passing through the center of Isparta showed that the city was beautiful. The asphalt was wet as if it had rained. It was the first time I witnessed the asphalt melt from the heat. When we reached the canyon, barbecue smells and smoke greeted us. In hot weather, this smell and smoke were not taken at all. It was too crowded. While our driver was resting, we started walking in the canyon.abripiscines